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Why Us?

  • Our Promise To You

BeSpoke Townhomes just simply doesn’t want to say we provide the highest level of personalized services, we promise it. With every signed listing agreement, our clients are recipients of the following…

  • Collaborative Price Discovery

In Maison Du Comte one cannot simply just price a home relying solely on recent and neighboring sales. With each of the 104 townhomes possessing a unique customization, comparable sales (comps) aren’t enough. The past decade has seen over a $500,000 swing in prices among these townhomes, some due to market timing and fluctuations, but others because of very high end build outs. At the end of the day, no matter how much experience or market knowledge a Broker possesses, it is the homeowner that knows their home best. For this reason, anything other than a collaborative discussion to arrive at appropriate pricing would be negligent. We look forward to sharing the latest market data with you, but most importantly we appreciate the opportunity for you to show us your customized home in only the way you could.

  • Personal Showings, Every Single Time

Real estate showings used to be an event. The Broker would arrive at the home early, turn on all the lights, and ensure the home was prepared to be shown in the best state possible. Well today, sadly, many have turned to rely almost solely on lockboxes, virtual tours, or sending junior brokers. While these conveniences certainly get the job done allowing a prospect and / or their Broker to view the property, we ask, how good of a sales job is being done? Are the client’s best interests’ being served by these practices? BeSpoke Townhomes believes you deserve better. It is our promise that every single showing of your home will be done personally by Terry R. Yormark II whether the prospect is accompanied by their own agent or not. This level of service may be assumed for many when they hire a real estate agent, but I can share in today’s marketplace it is a rarity. The purpose of having Mr. Yormark walk prospects thru your home is trifold. First, having a broker that represents you onsite during showings provides an additional level of security and comfort when prospects (strangers) are viewing your home. Secondly, having Mr. Yormark there will provide the prospect and their agent answers to their questions and most importantly immediate counters to any negatives or areas of concern for the prospect. This is so important as many deals are lost because prospects and their agents may assume the worse or that certain things cannot be corrected, so they just rule the home out. Having Mr. Yormark on site will allow the opportunity for someone representing the Seller to constructively respond to objections. Perhaps this extra effort will turn a previous walk away into an offer. Finally, having Mr. Yormark onsite for every showing will allow him to show the home the way you want it to be shown. By directing the tour, the prospect’s attention will be turned to the areas of the home you, as an owner, most enjoy, and believe make the offering unique to other’s on the market. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve had to revisit a home because in follow up the Broker would ask, well did you see ________? Of course if that agent took the time to show us around we wouldn’t have missed anything the first time.

  • Booties

Have you ever walked thru an open house only to find the dirty footprints from the previous dozen prospects? The trampling makes the home look terrible and unwanted. Small rocks wedged in gym shoes can easily damage expensive hard wood floors, and dirt, especially on a rainy day, can stain carpets so badly that sometimes a professional clean doesn’t even remediate the damage done. Being onside personally for every showing, Mr. Yormark will provide every prospect and broker “booties” that must be worn while visiting your home. Again, a very small simple act, but one that many agents lazily disregard.

  • Professionally Dressed Agent

As much of the business world has recently adapted to more casual dress, a small level of respect and pride in presentation has been lost. Cut from the cloth of a commercial real estate broker, Mr. Yormark is used to attending business meetings in a suit and tie and believes an agent should present himself or herself inline with the quality of product they are selling. While some agents believe it to be acceptable to conduct a showing coming straight out of the gym or their Sunday jog, you can rest assured if Mr. Yormark is showing your home, he will be dressed professionally aligned with the high end townhome he’s working hard to sell for you.

  • Customized Progress Updates

Some homes sell fast at full asking price, others are more challenging even after several price reductions. Some owners like to know every daily detail, while others don’t want to be bothered until an offer is in writing. There is no standard or right or wrong calendar of communication. At the time of listing BeSpoke Townhomes will discuss with Seller the type and regularity of communication they’d like to receive. Selling a home can be a stressful process but with regular progress updates BeSpoke Townhomes hopes to provide comfort and confidence to our clients.

  • Leverage off of our knowledge, experience, and contacts

As a Certified Commercial Investment Manager (CCIM) designee, broker, investor, and owner of over three-dozen real estate assets Mr. Yormark has a wealth of experience in real estate. Clients of BeSpoke Townhomes will not only be able to leverage off of his knowledge and experience, but also his long list of professional contacts. When needed, Mr. Yormark can facilitate putting his clients in touch with lenders, appraisers, inspectors, attorneys, handymen, and brokers across state lines just to name a few.

In everything we do at BeSpoke Townhomes, our goal is to provide you with the best high-end customized services and exceed your expectations.


Thank you for the opportunity!

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